Saturday, January 16, 2021

saturday co*de 💕

Hello again!

I hope everyone’s had a good morning!

Here’s my coord today! 

I wanted to go for something a little bit tropical winter so paired by LOVEand hibi bracelet with a winter sweater and boots

And I threw this little monster dude I got the other day on my bag just bc he’s cute 
doesn’t really fit the vibe tho

It’s a little random, I think my wardrobe is limiting me a lot. It’s definitely not my favourite outfit I’ve put together by a long shot 

I neeeeed to buy a bunch of stuff I can mix and match ASAP but I’m trying to be patient and wait until I can make a really big order and make it all be clothes ik I’m going to wear a lot 

I also tried something new again with my eye make

I think my top lashes are too much for what I was going for but I still like it!

 I counted yesterday and I’ve been gal for a grand total of

♡ 10 months ♡

I can’t quite believe that’s it, it feels like wayyy longer I can’t imagine what I was doing before. I shouldn’t be too hard on my outfits since I’m still very much in “baby gal” territory I guess as much as I hate being called that 

But I want to use it as motivation to get better and improve as I keep trying new things! By the end of the year I’m gonna have levelled up my gyaru game, and that’s a promise (≧∀≦)

I feel like gyaru has given me my life back in so many ways,  I’m excited to keep going further and putting the effort in 

I decided I’m gal for life the moment I stepped into this and I ain’t going back on my word, so I’m excited for what the future holds for me

But I’ll talk more about that in my next post! I got inspired by Lizzie’s lifestyle video so want to do a blog post about how i live my life around gyaru and what it means to me! 

I’ll probably end up rambling it in so... you’ve been warned lol

See you in my next post!

Thank you for reading 

Thursday, January 7, 2021

2021 goals 🎉


i hope everyone’s had a good start to the year 

it’s still super cold here but the snows pretty much gone, not a fan of winter but i miss the snow it was so pretty 

today i thought i’d post what my goals for the year are! then next year i can see if i’ve achieved them all, hopefully putting a list of goals out there will keep me motivated ╭(♡・ㅂ・)و ̑̑

Let’s go! 

1. Learn, learn learn! I want to take the next month or so to really dive deep into research in my free time to help me find my style as well as learn more in general about gyaru so I can really feel like that’s the life I’m living 

2. Wardrobe revamp! Once I’ve decided what I really want and found some more items I adore, I’m gonna make a HUGE mercari order and bulk up my everyday wardrobe with some shein stuff, so excited!

For now here’s some of my dreaaaam pieces

This Kumatan hoodie is my number one dream item and my priority to get asap 
 I NEED it so bad ;-; just so so perfect
I’m obsessed w kumatan and old W ♡ C rn

Alba Rosa jewellery! Ik I don’t have a coat yet but.. I just love the detail in the jewellery a lot 

One of these JSG jumpers (♥ω♥*) or just JSG stuff in general tbh

Skirts like this!! Definitely a must have for me, I’m desperate to put together some outfits like this!

Cocolulu jeans!! Just the cutest 

I really enjoy mixing more boyish items and silhouettes with chunky jewellery or with pink and fluffy fabrics! It’s something I definitely want to try out more especially for more casual work outfits 

3. MEET UPS!! I’ve made so many friends I want to meet so bad here’s hoping I can meet everyone this year, I want to meet up with my UK gal friends and have a sleepover with my pastel pals 100% 

An international meet would be an absolute dream but… the worlds still on fire so we’ll have to see what happens

If only I could’ve been in the comm a year earlier so I could’ve been at jubilee 

4. Finish my big project! Me and lottie dreamed up an idea about a year ago and we’ve been working on it since, it keeps getting delayed and the work load is huge but I’m determined to find a way to make it happen!

5. Make more time for me and josh 

We both work so much allll the time, but love travelling and going out on dates, we aren’t able to much anymore these days, so hopefully we can way more this year 

Especially London, it’s where we first started dating so always feels special <333

6. Blog more!! I love reading everyday casual posts just about what everyone’s up to, hopefully I can post more like that this year!

So there’s a few of my goals! I’m sure I’m forgetting a few but I think those are the main ones, We’ll see next year how well I’ve done at achieving them 

I hope everyone does everything they dream of this year and gets to see loved ones again ლ(・ω・*ლ)

I’ll see you in my next post! Thank you for reading!!

(Also how cute is this edit that emi made me ;-; she’s my gyaru gf I stg I’m in luv)


Friday, January 1, 2021

GoGo ギャル secret santa 💋


I hope everyone had a fun festive season this year despite how challenging it was with everything going on

Today I’m finally writing about the gogo secret Santa! It was so much fun and make Christmas a little more festive, emi did an amazing job organising it and I got a lotta love for all the gogo gals


My secret Santa was...

☆ Nina!!! 

 She’s so sweet and the coolest witchy gal ever 
I love all my giftsit was such a thoughtful package I was honestly overwhelmed 

So let me show you what I got!!

First of all LOOK AT THESE SNOWFLAKES so so cute and such a cool idea 

Everything was wrapped beautifully too! 

Sweets and stickers!!I’ve already nearly eaten all the sweets, I love trying new snacks and the ones on the left are SUPER good

Even more adorable stickers with this super cute postcard that’s now on my wall! <3

Skincare stuff and a little polar bear hand warmer I took on a walk with josh recently ~ I’m especially excited to try the eye pack thingsand thank you for the translations!! 

This purse it matches my leopard bag perfectly!!! And look at all these cute accessories I’ve been wanting hibi bracelets like these for a while so to receive them from someone else in the comm makes them extra special to me <33

Also the note was written on this amazing space themed rilakkuma stationary, the whole gift was just so perfect! Thank you again Nina (♥ω♥*)

Also I was Inna’s secret Santa! I don’t have any photos of the gifts I gave her but I do have a pic of the card

It’s her and Nana! 

The secret Santa was a bunch of fun, I hope we can do it again next year too

I hope everyone had a fun new year and is looking forward to 2021, hopefully this year will be better for us all, I’ll write a blog post in the next few days about my goals for 2021 but for now that’s it!

Thank you for reading and see you next time! 

saturday co*de 💕

Hello again! I hope everyone’s had a good morning! Here’s my coord today!  I wanted to go for something a little bit tropical winter so pair...