Tuesday, May 4, 2021

hair change 💛

finally got a chance to blog about my new hair!! 

i’ve been thinking about cutting my hair short for a while now but when i saw some more short hair inspo i just HAD to!!

i was having some second thoughts right before i cut it since i was worried i wouldn’t be able to make my casual looks seem gal anymore with short hair since i don’t wear circle lenses either

but i figured i always have my exte in case, plus cutting off all the damaged and patchy ends means i could finally bring the blue back

i followed the brad mondo hair cutting at home video and went for it 

and i’m SO. HAPPY. having all that hair gone is quite literally a weight off my shoulders 

and surprisingly i feel more gal without putting my exte in now than i did before with the longer hair! i have a lot more ideas on how to style it too! Last time I had hair this short I had no idea how to style it so just had it straightened all the time, but this time I’m gonna have fun with it

I think I could’ve definitely left the blue dye in longer to make it more vibrant but I was just impatient to finish and start styling it  but at least I know for next time!

i really want to try and learn how to do more intricate plaits so i can attempt something like this too, i might try it this weekend if i can figure it out

plus i found all these short extensions in my hair dye drawer for some reason?

 i think i must have used them for testing hair dye at some point, but now i’m gonna bleach them platinum to use them when i need more volume for big short hair 

i’m just super excited to get ready in the morning again even w super casual co*des it just feels good 

i’ve also been trying to add fun things to the boring parts of everyday life, so this week i’ve been trying a new food or drink everyday on my way home from work! 

today i tried this bc the cans super cute and it’s really really good

maybe i could do a blog post about all the cute snacks i’ve been trying recently? i was gonna add some gets i picked up this week to this post too but it’s getting a little long so maybe i’ll do those two ideas together in the next one!

i’ll probably add some more styling inspo pics for short hair in my next post too

i’ve been feeling a lot more happy, positive and talkative again finally, and i think the new hair is the change i needed to show it! 

i hope everyone has a good week and i’ll see you soon! thank you for reading lovelies!

bye bye for now <33

Thursday, April 22, 2021

my weekend + food 🍜

here again finally with another post! i’ve been pretty off my phone this week since i got some pretty rough family news, but i want to keep up blogging so thought i’d write about my weekend and my day today!

since places are starting to open back up me and josh went out just to go to a few charity shops again! i just want to find cute clothes but he’s always hunting for new old cameras 

a lot of them were still closed but we got to go in a couple and i found these! 

the paul’s boutique bag was only £4 and the cardigan was £3!! i had to get the bag bc i mean a) paul’s boutique for SUPER cheap and b) it’s animal print w charms 

and i thought the cardigan would be cute for casual preppy style co*des! and i like it still had a little neon 

i wore it the next day to go to my grandads house to try it out!

monochrome colours w some little bits of bright colour to match the cardigan! it was really comfy too

i did my makeup with some bright green and glitter to match!

today me and josh wanted to go to some more charity shops around where we work but there was wayyy too much to do

but since the restaurants are open again we finally went out for lunch instead!! 

that bagel looks boring but omg... it was so so good 

my dinner tonight is far less fancy though, these 12 hour shifts are ruining my ambition to cook when i get home

so it was just instant ramen with egg and some steak 

not to toot my own horn but i’m finally getting soft boiled eggs down to an art form which i just wanted to show off  lol

i’m gonna try to post more and catch up with everyone this weekend! <3 i feel like i’ve been so out of it i wanna show everyone some more love on social media again

i might see if i can see my friends this weekend too since now we’re allowed!let’s hope my social battery isn’t too drained by saturday so i can

i also have a couple things on the way i bought on mercari (yes including the two tralala dresses ) that i think will level up my outfits a bit when they get here so i can mix and match more!! 

plus a magazine i’ll probably make a post about! 

i’m gonna go do some skincare and catch up on some blog posts before bed 

thank you for reading!! <333


Tuesday, April 13, 2021

wardrobe clear out + room plans

hello again! 

i’m finallyyyy back writing another post! i missed posting a lot i just got super busy again the past couple weeks

i wanted to get properly dolled up at the weekend after doing casual makeup for work all week butttt i had a million things to do so once again did casual makeup

i tried some new bottom lashes though and a new technique for the eyeshape!i’m gonna practice some more at it though

wearing casual make and work co*des all the time is making me really want to get some more fancy clothes again, so i think i’m gonna get a cute dress with some of the money from selling my clothes! 

i’m thinking something flowy and pink, very popteen inspired and girly but can be worn in a lot of different ways depending on accessorieseven if i can’t wear it too often something a bit more dressed up will come in handy when gal meets can eventually be held again

once i got ready i carried on with cleaning and clearing out what will eventually be my office room 

i moved the tv table into the loft and put all the clothes i’ve listed on depop onto a clothes rack so i can fit more stuff in my wardrobe as temporary storage!

we need to keep a spare bed in there so i’m trying to save as much space as possible

here’s the plan so far 

get a pc desk with drawers underneath and paint it yellow with some pastel leopard on the sides 

replace the current bedding with my winnie the pooh sheets and get a cute blanket

two more wall shelves for plushies and photo frames

take the small mirror down and replace with some art

get cute rug

new cute curtains

and get a new full length mirror for outfit pics! 

i’ll probably add some lights and other decorations but that’s the basic plan as of rn i have a million cute things i wanna buy in my cart already  i can’t wait to just start decorating

like look at this makeup mirror

i don’t even need a new makeup mirror but this is just TOO CUTE 

addy got the blue and pink cheetah squishmallow for me too so that’s definitely getting a special spot on the shelfespecially since it’ll match how i paint the desk! 

i had a pretty rough week again last week with work and family stresses going on, but so many people have been so kind and supportive to me i feel a lot better going into this week!

i’ve met the most kind and genuine people and made more meaningful friendships in the past two years than i’ve ever had in my life before, and even when things aren’t going great for me i’ll always be grateful and happy to have people like that there for me 

anyway i’m off to watch Totoro before bed and try to catch up on reading everyone’s blogs! 

i hope everyone had fun this weekend

bye byeee !! 

hair change 💛

finally got a chance to blog about my new hair!!  i’ve been thinking about cutting my hair short for a while now but when i saw some more sh...