Tuesday, July 27, 2021

searching for my boom 💥


i haven’t blogged in a while like i said i would but honestly not having a set schedule rn has just super thrown off the time i had organised to doing stuff

honestly though i’ve been really enjoying the break from posting pics and stuff to just breathe, i’ve been experimenting w different eye makeup and outfits too since it doesn’t feel like the end of the world now if it goes wrong!

back to the point ,for now i wanted to make a post about my inspo and booms rn

mainly because i haven’t really got any, and i’m on the hunt for fresh inspiration! 

with my new hair i feel like switching up my style a tad, i’m just not really feeling being a pastel kinda gal rn, i love it but i wanna mix it up and go more out my comfort zone

i’ve been more drawn to a bright colour palette recently, blue and yellow is a colour combo i want to be putting together way more often!

i have kind of the vision in my head for the direction i want my style to go in, i just want to find the references and key style points to go with it to make it the best i can

i described it on stream as like, kanako but in an alternate universe where she was a ranzuki gal not an egg gal, that’s the vibe i’m going for! 

i really enjoy her more boyish and preppy outfits but ranzuki always just hits so much harder than egg to me for some reason, so i’ll still mainly be looking there for my main outfit inspo 

i just really wanna find those really specific things to get excited about and put into my styleya know? 

i already have a lot of stuff to help along w this on the way but i’m too impatient for this slow shipping i CANNOT 3 months waiting is feeling like a lifetime

 i’ve got a few of tralala dresses on the way which don’t really fit the super colourful theme but they’re just too cute i had to get them!!!

plus i got a super cute bright yellow and purple jsg dress so i think that makes up for it 

i’ll get there in the end! ik building up a wardrobe takes a ton of time but i wish it could just happen overnight so i can feel like the gal i wanna beplus i wanna do a haul video already so bad !!!!!

hopefully next time i post i’ll have some cute lil obsessions to talk about and will have found some more concrete points of my style i’m going forplus some pics for examples! 

talk to you soon! ty for reading i hope this post made some form of sense, it’s kinda just rambles lol

and if anyone has any ideas of directions i could look in or smaller more less known magazines that might be cool to look into on this hunt for a new boom i’d be super super grateful 

bye!! <33

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

new hair ☆

 i switched up my hair again!

i cut it into a kind of mullety type situation (?) and added my shaved sides back ini missed having a shaved section of my head a lot so i’m glad it’s back

you can only really see it’s shaved when my hairs up but i still like it a lot 

i finally finished dyeing it too and today i put on makeup, so here’s how it turned out! heavily inspired by kanakoi think she may be my new boom (i’m sorry emika)

i definitely need more practice styling it and experimenting with what hair styles work since idk if it’d look right just curled anymore without exte 

sounds kinda dramatic but i’m really proud i tidied my room a little today and did my hair and makeup, it’s made me feel more like myself after a really really difficult week

i’m struggling quite a lot to be honest and relapsed quite badly into old unhealthy coping mechanisms, but i think having a change of hairstyle to focus on doing helped me stay more on track even if i did go off the rails

i think i need to focus myself on getting better and establishing some goals in life that are achievable and can give me stability again

but i also don’t want to just fall off the face of the earth!i’m gonna take a break from posting on my socials and instead just do blogging for a little bit i think

 so expect some short posts about stuff that’s helping or making me happy every couple days or so if you’re interested!

maybe one day when i’m better i’ll make a post about recovery, but for now i just want the focus what i post on what’s helping me get through the tough time instead of the things that are making it painful 

catch you in my next post!thank you for reading this one 

and i hope everyone’s doing well!! i’ll still be commenting and showing love on everyone’s stuff bc you’re all just too cute and interacting with everyone always helps me stay positive too

i’m gonna go watch some gal youtube vids and try to clean more of my room, bye for now 

Monday, July 12, 2021

live stream + gal journey 💕

 hello again! <33

me and addy decided to do a livestream on saturday ! We opened up a whole box of pucky figures she was sent

the plan was to just get a little tipsy but that idea soon went straight out the window, we said we’d so a shot everytime someone donated to the stream thinking no one would 

but everyone was super kind and we got quite a few! plus we had drinks inbetween them so we soon got pretty drunk as per these amazing screenshots

it was a TON of fun though everyone in chat was super funny and easy to talk to so i hope everyone had as much fun as we did!we even got sent a couple drawings of us which was just the most adorable thing in the world thank you again who anyone who stopped by!

for the stream i wanted to do makeup to match addy! getting it even was a little difficult bc i haven’t done liner like this in so long but i really liked it!

hopefully we’re gonna work out some sort of schedule to do more of these streams in the future, hopefully once a week

on sunday i was preeetty hungover so just through on a super basic sporty outfit and headed out to go see my grandad

big sunglasses save the day

it was pretty cold out again today, i definitely wanna invest in a cute hoodie before autumn gets here especially since this co*de is still living in my head RENT FREE i just gotta recreate it 

feeling a little stumped in my gyaru journey atm, i just know what i want to look like and outfits i want to put together but i’m just not quite getting there i have a TON of inspo and know what i want to put together it’s just not happening

i’m trying to be patient though, i have a load of clothes on the way but with the slow 2-3 month shipping i’m getting a bit disheartened since i don’t have anything in my wardrobe atm that’s like the stuff i have coming! i know how long wardrobes take to bulk out though so i’m trying not to be too hard on myself, just feel like i’m getting into a little bit of a slump and down about my style hoping it’ll pass soon 

new exte will probably also help too! mine are now just falling apart and need replacing i still love short hair it’s just fun to have the option of mixing it up!

sorry for ending on a bit of a negative note! i’m still in good spirits for work this week so i’m hoping that’ll stick around

good luck to everyone with this week, and i hope everyone had a fun weekend 

bye bye!!

searching for my boom 💥

 hello!! i haven’t blogged in a while like i said i would but honestly not having a set schedule rn has just super thrown off the time i had...