Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Emika blog inspo pt1 ✨

 finally getting this post finished! i was stuck for a while on how to structure it but i really just wanna get it posted

so i’m just gonna show some of my favourite outfits of hers posted to her blog from 2009 to 2010 with a what inspired me about them or more about her style! 

i’ll sprinkle through a few makeup pics and some group photos at the end too bc they’re just too cute but i’m gonna focus on outfits 

first one of the things i love and want to take inspiration from her for is how much she changed up what she was wearing yet still kept a consistent style 

like how she wore these 3 super super cute co*des outfits back to back!

they’re all very different but you can still tell it’s her styling! i think she’s mostly known for her pastel outfits with bits of fairy kei merged in but she definitely didn’t limit herself to just those that style and colours

she also wore quite a few more boho style outfits like these!

i’m not too sure it’s a style that would really suit me or i could pull off, but i do think they’re beautiful!

linking in with that a little bit are some himekaji co*des

himekaji is 100% on my list of things i want to try asap!! and when i do i’ll definitely be taking reference from her

next up is her bright colourful looks! 

^^ i’m IN LOVE w this hat btw

i really really love these!! she either went with bright contrasting colour or kept it all in the same colour family, but it always looks super cute! plus the preppy cardigans and varsity style jackets are something i’ve been trying to get more of in my wardrobe <3 bright heels and sneakers is definitely a consistent point in most of her outfits too

onto casual the co*des! i have a big soft spot for these since it’s how i’m dying to dress on the everyday

^^ this is my favourite casual outfit EVER <33 so in love i want to recreate it asap

idek what else to say about these they’re just super cute! perfect for everyday and it’s definitely a main point of my wardrobe i’m focusing on building up

i have a million more outfits and styles she used to frequently wear that i want to post about, but i’ll save the rest for part 2 since this parts already getting pretty long! so i’ll end off here with some cute group pics

^ she wore these shoes w this outfit, i have a pair exactly like them but in black so definitely need to wear them soon!!

^ the inspo for my new cardigan 

i hope you enjoyed this post!! i’ve already made a little start on part 2 since this was lot of fun and there’s so many more outfits i wanna talk about

maybe next time i’ll include less outfits but pick out the trends more and add a bit more about the items and silhouettes she wore most frequently? or just the same amount of outfits but a longer more in depth post

let me know what you think! 

thank you for reading this super long one, and i hope to see you next time in part 2

bye byeeeee!! 

p.s. here’s one of my favourite pics of her EVER i wanna get a hat like this and maybe recreate it!

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  1. Ohhhh that's her name! Thank you for this post! I love herrrrrr
    And yessssss Amekaji!!!!♥


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