Tuesday, July 20, 2021

new hair ☆

 i switched up my hair again!

i cut it into a kind of mullety type situation (?) and added my shaved sides back ini missed having a shaved section of my head a lot so i’m glad it’s back

you can only really see it’s shaved when my hairs up but i still like it a lot 

i finally finished dyeing it too and today i put on makeup, so here’s how it turned out! heavily inspired by kanakoi think she may be my new boom (i’m sorry emika)

i definitely need more practice styling it and experimenting with what hair styles work since idk if it’d look right just curled anymore without exte 

sounds kinda dramatic but i’m really proud i tidied my room a little today and did my hair and makeup, it’s made me feel more like myself after a really really difficult week

i’m struggling quite a lot to be honest and relapsed quite badly into old unhealthy coping mechanisms, but i think having a change of hairstyle to focus on doing helped me stay more on track even if i did go off the rails

i think i need to focus myself on getting better and establishing some goals in life that are achievable and can give me stability again

but i also don’t want to just fall off the face of the earth!i’m gonna take a break from posting on my socials and instead just do blogging for a little bit i think

 so expect some short posts about stuff that’s helping or making me happy every couple days or so if you’re interested!

maybe one day when i’m better i’ll make a post about recovery, but for now i just want the focus what i post on what’s helping me get through the tough time instead of the things that are making it painful 

catch you in my next post!thank you for reading this one 

and i hope everyone’s doing well!! i’ll still be commenting and showing love on everyone’s stuff bc you’re all just too cute and interacting with everyone always helps me stay positive too

i’m gonna go watch some gal youtube vids and try to clean more of my room, bye for now 


  1. Yes, dolling yourself up really helps getting better after bad moods. If you ever need someone to talk to, you can always message me sweetheart <3

  2. OMG. I am loving this new look! Kanako is the best!!!! ♥ I've been growing out my hair to do her longer hair looks! Gotta decide on colors though and will prob be after I moved XD But you look so adorable~

    Also, yeah do what you can however long it takes to take care of yourself. Self-care is 10000% important! Hope you feel better and my DMs are always open if you need ♥


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